Who we are

Who we are

We are a full-service travel company specializing in travel for Americans visiting Cuba. Much of our prowess is due to our unique founder Colin Ganley (see below) and our deep connections to the right people in Cuba. We employ the very best guides in Cuba. These people are fluent in English and have excellent relationships with the restaurants and sites where you will want to spend time.

Policy: Our employees and company DO NOT accept any kickbacks from restaurants, lodging, or vendors. When you are with ECC, we are working for you.

Typically our groups range from 10-25 people. We also arrange travel for small groups and large. Our largest group to date has been the highly successful administration of a group of 333 people participating in the Hemingway International fishing tournament. The smallest has been a family that wanted a licensed trip to learn about the culture of Cuba.

We maintain a list of the best hotels and rental houses in Cuba for our visitors. While lodging is a challenge for most visitors to Cuba, our guests report high satisfaction whether they have opted for our basic lodging or luxury lodging during their travel. The restaurants we utilize are the best options in the country. We constantly test the best and new restaurants in order to ensure that our guests are pleased with the options provided.

Our team has special relationships with many companies and individuals who offer special experiences in Cuba. This ranges from the renowned company Havana Club that offers private rum tastings for our guests in the tasting room of their Rum Museum in Havana, to individuals who provide lobster barbeques on sandy beaches.

We strive though our esteemed staff and leadership to provide two things to our customers. We want everyone to enjoy a stimulating and enjoyable trip to Cuba. Simultaneously, we ensure that all our travelers to Cuba comply with current legislation and regulation.

ECC was founded by Colin Ganley. Colin became an expert on all things Cuba during his tenure as the Chief Editor of a magazine called Cigar Journal. Consistent travel to the island during a ten year period provided him with contacts in many industries as well as a deep knowledge of the best restaurants, hotels, homes (rental), bars, and natural points of interest. Prior to his Editorship, he was highly educated at the Universities of Oxford, London School of Economics and Bentley. Colin oversees all activities of ECC and personally attends many of the trips as a supervisor or guide.

Colin is the author of books including Le Snob, Cigars and is co-founder of Twin Engine Coffee with his wife Andrea Woolverton. He lives in Nicaragua with his wife and daughter Lucille.