Licensed Travel

Licensed Travel

The United States still maintains its travel embargo which prevents Americans from legally traveling to Cuba without a license. Travel to Cuba with ECC is always compliant with US Treasury Department regulations and is therefore legal. We do not organize any travel to Cuba that is not licensed.

When you sign up for one of our pre-planned excursions, we will provide you with the specific Treasury Department license information that your trip complies with. Prior to your departure from Cuba, ECC provides all participants with a signed letter enumerating the license information. Customers can use this document if any authority asks about the legality of his or her trip.

Example: Some customers have been asked by the Department of Homeland Security about the legality of their travel to Cuba when they applied for the Global Entry program. When those customers produced the signed letter from ECC, it was accepted and they were granted Global Entry status.

ECC has had direct communication with the US Treasury Department and the Embassy of the United States in Cuba for years. With hundreds of satisfied customers, ECC has an excellent track record and no customer has ever suffered negative legal consequences from their travel to Cuba. We are vigilant in protecting our customers and ensuring that all our activities are 100% legal and that our customers are satisfied with their travel to Cuba.