We are very proud to be considered the premier provider of premium travel to Cuba for American visitors. We have worked for years to develop deep relationships with the best restaurants, chefs, event providers, hotels and owners of luxury rental housing. Our guests enjoy the the best of Cuba thanks to more than a decade of relationship building.

ECC began by hosting visitors to Cuba interested in culture and cigars. Groups ranged from 10-25 participants on average. In 2016 we expanded to offer our services for groups of people ranging from small (4 people) to large (several hundred people). From day one, we have focused our efforts on customer satisfaction. This has led us to develop the resources to provide everything from premium private lodging to mobile phones for our guests.

Guides - “Jose was such a pleasure to have with us in Cuba. He made everything so easy and we learned so much about life in Cuba from him.” Our guides each have their own specialty, a subject in which they are expert, such as Culture, History, Architecture, Cigars, Music, etc. Each is fluent in English and Spanish. We take pride in our ability to make every guest comfortable during their exploration of Cuba. Our guides do not take kickbacks from any vendor in Cuba. So you can always feel confident in their suggestions and recommendations.

Our team is made up of people who have lived in Cuba since birth or who have extensive experience on the island. We have people in Cuba full-time dedicated to logistics work as well as our guides and our US based team who work on communication with customers and provide an easy way to communicate and work with those in Cuba.

Luxury Services - We have arranged for guests to yacht from Florida to Cuba in their own and chartered boats. We have done the same with jets. On the island, we have many lodging options that are not available to the public. These range from penthouse apartments with pools to private homes on the Caribbean. One of our guides can arrange the best food options possible and it can all be accessed through private transport if you desire. We provide complete trip customization and ensure that your schedule is compliant with Treasury Department regulations.

Education Services - University groups who would like to arrange a trip to Cuba where students meet with people from various industries, regions, lifestyles, etc. are guided through the process with ease. Through our network of professionals, we set up meetings, activities, and logistics for groups seeking an educational experience.

Cultural Services - Do you like world-class Jazz, fine art, fine cuisine, or aged rums? Cuba offers a tremendous amount of its own culture to visitors. Sometimes finding the best of what’s offered is a challenge, but we have you covered. We know the best spots for live music, art, food, rum, and much more. Our cultural trips or custom trips with a large cultural component are filled with a sensory stimulating schedule of activities.

Cigar Services - The most famous tobacco farm and cigar factory in the world are waiting for you. Thanks to our long experience writing about and working inside the Cuban cigar industry, we have the unique ability to take you deep in to the world of the Cuban cigar. On these trips you will visit these fantastic sites but more interestingly you will engage with the people who grow the tobacco, roll the cigars, and promote them in the wider world. Of course you will also have many opportunities to taste the Cohibas, Montecristos, and others.

Culinary Services - What Cuban chefs do with limited ingredients and limited access to the outside world is incredible. We can arrange a trip to meet these chefs, enjoy their cuisine and even to cook with them. The traditional Cuban cuisine is best known for its slow cooked pork, mojo sauce, and sleeping black beans but it is being taken to new heights by the current group of chef entrepreneurs. Their success in difficult circumstances is a delicious inspiration to both chefs and enthusiastic diners.

Treasury Department - It is important to remember that any trip to Cuba must comply with Treasury Department regulations. So while we can arrange a wide variety of activities for you, any itinerary must comply with regulations. This usually means that during activities, there will be a component of the activity that includes conversation between visitors and Cubans about life in the respective countries and about how the activity compares in the two places.

Every detail of an ECC trip to Cuba has been prepared to leave our guests satisfied. It is only through the hard work and training that our team possesses, that we are able to provide these services. We all hope that you will visit Cuba with us. We’d like to be your guides.